Satellite Internet Connections

Nuts and Bolts of Satellite Internet Connections (Part 2)

In my first article about Wildblue satellite high-speed internet access, I had discussed in general how the new spot beam technology enables a greater use of bandwidth.  Now let me give you some insight into how the signal sent from YOUR computer gets to MY computer.

Here is a list of the obvious parts involved in transmitting a signal over a satellite internet connection. We need a computer, an Ethernet card in the computer, a modem, a dish and of course the satellite. This list leaves out one essential element to complete the process, a “gateway”. Gateway is like an earth station and computer complex that switches data and voice signals between satellites and terrestrial networks.

The basic process goes something like this. You type an email on your computer with the email address of another individual. When you are done you simply hit the send button and go about your business.  At this point, your Wild Blue satellite internet connection springs into action. The Ethernet card sends the email to your modem. Your modem sends the email to your Internet satellite dish provider. The local dish now transmits the email to the satellite.

What next? With this high speed satellite internet service, our email is orbiting around the earth on a satellite and we need to get it to our friend. This a “light-bulb” moment. We send the email back down to earth to a designated “gateway”. While sending/receiving electronic mails or messaging, gateway converts messages between two different messaging protocols. In satellite internet connections, the process of data transmission works from computer to modem, modem to local dish, local dish to satellite, satellite to designated gateway and from there onto the world wide web. Granted this is a simplified explanation, but it gives you the general idea of how this technology works.

You must be wondering, “How fast does this all happen”. Surprisingly fast! We are talking in terms of milli-seconds. One thing that is inherent in satellite high-speed internet access is latency. This slight delay occurs due to the time taken by the signal to travel from earth to space and back again. Usually this is about a half a second, not even noticeable when it comes to surfing the web and sending and receiving emails.

How Does High Speed Satellite Internet Service Work?

Your high-speed satellite Internet connection is comprised of both indoor and outdoor equipment. Outside, there is an antenna and transmit-and-receive electronic device, connecting to a small, unobtrusive dish. This equipment connects by coaxial cable to the Indoor Receive Unit (IRU) and Indoor Transmit Unit (ITU), which connects to your computer through a simple USB connector. Just plug it in and load the software, and you're off and running!

Satellite Internet connection is a necessary only for those individuals who absolutely must have satellite high-speed internet access and who are just outside the service area of standard high speed providers.

Faster global access via Satellite high speed internet service

Providing delivery solutions at both ends of the Internet is critical to tackling World Wide Web. Even with the greater reach and lower costs of high-speed satellite internet connections, the number of Web sites--and the increasing volume of users accessing them--make it hard for networks to keep up.

Service providers, including satellite dish provider, are busy finding innovative ways to maintain their services and respond to the overwhelming demand from users. The cost of bandwidth, infrastructure and the service itself depends heavily on location, and users in remote areas experience higher than normal fees and surcharges.

Planning to buy a high-speed satellite internet access system?

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Stay tuned! Next we will touch a bit more on “latency” and discuss “packets”, the form your communication takes while moving about.