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Fewer Limitations

Exede Broadband is going to be better at almost everything when compared to other satellite internet services. It allows for faster data streaming, which will come in especially useful when watching videos. Video chat and VoIP calls are also going to be much better with less delay interference.

Above all the speed of this new service is a game changer in the internet industry. For the first time a satellite based internet provider is able to offer speeds that compare to other types of broadband like DSL and Cable.

Customer Support

The same top notch customer support that has always been available with ViaSat services is still present with Exede. This means that customers don’t have to worry about a language barrier when they call in for help, as the support centers are located right here in the US. Furthermore technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the convenience of their customers.

There is also support tools built into the service that can be accessed anytime from the internet or on the customer’s computer. For example, Exede includes a tool that allows you to monitor your data usage at any time. This allows for people to keep up with how close they are to their data limit at all times and plan their usage accordingly.

Better Infrastructure

The satellite responsible for operating the Exede network is capable of holding more capacity than all of the other communication satellites over North America combined. When it comes to the satellite internet industry satellite capacity is extremely important because it determines the load that can be placed on the satellite at any one time. Customers can rest assure that they are in good hands with one of the most advanced commercial satellites ever built.

ViaSat has integrated a state of the art web acceleration technology into the service to push page load times to be even faster. This technology gives Exede an additional leg up over older satellite providers that did not have this technology integrated into their service.

Feature WildBlue Dial-Up
Available virtually anywhere
Fast Download Speeds (up to 1.5Mbps)
Fast Upload Speeds (up to 256 Kbps)
Always-on connection to the internet
No software to load
Dedicated connection/instant access (no logging in or out)
Professional installation included
No phone line needed

There are a few major players in the business of Satellite Internet service, WildBlue and the rest!

Better internet satellite technical support

WildBlue's technical support is 24/7 and located in United States. Therefore, there is no need for you to learn a new language. Customer Service and Technical Support make every effort to render complete assistance. The customer has the opportunity to move issues up the chain of command if necessary, as that chain is located on the premises. Wild Blue satellite service commits callbacks to ensure that the customers are satisfied. This spares you from continued calling and receiving voice mail or the always frustrating "someone will call you back shortly." WildBlue also provides service via chat if you prefer that method. This way you can copy the transcripts for future reference.

Wild Blue is confident that after exploring the options available in the Satellite Internet marketplace, you will agree that WildBlue satellite internet is the best choice when considering cost, reliability, security, features and benefits. We welcome the opportunity to be your Satellite broadband provider.

Wildblue Plan gives you the professional equipment

Even if you take the Value plan, Wild Blue provides you with quality equipment. With some digital internet satellite providers, you must choose the level of service you wish to have at the outset. This is due to a difference in equipment dependent upon the service you choose. With WildBlue satellite internet, there is no choosing of equipment. The Dish, Modem and all other aspects of the installation are the same, regardless of the service pack one chooses.

Fewer limitations on the FAP?

All business Satellite Internet Providers utilize a policy referred to as the Fair Access Policy. There is a finite amount of bandwidth that can be used to transmit data and it needs to be shared by everyone. Wild Blue uses a rolling 30-day FAP. As a new day comes on, an old day falls off. WildBlue's service packs each have specific download and upload limits. If you exceed the amount allotted, you will be throttled down to approximately 128kbps until you reach 80% of your FAP limit. The probability is that with normal internet usage you will not reach the FAP limit set by Wild Blue satellite internet service.

Our competitors use different methods for restricting the use of excessive bandwidth. One example of this is, when a user downloads 169 megabytes over the course of few hours, the FAP is activated. At that juncture, your speed is throttled down to 56kbps until your FAP bucket fills back up, usually a period of approximately 6 to 8 hours. Anyone who downloads software or large files can readily see that this method of controlling bandwidth severely restricts what one can download at one sitting.

Dynamite comes in small packages

The next issue you may wish to address is Dish size and Weight. When living in a rural area, one tends to have a few Dishes hanging out around the house. Minimizing this clutter is not something to ignore. The WildBlue Dish is 28" x 26", whereas, the Dish used by DirecWay / HughesNet is 38.5".

Sure, doesn't sound like a lot, but let's add this weight to that. WildBlue weighs 37 pounds, DirecWay/HughesNet, 57 pounds. THATis a noticeable difference and something that you may wish to take into consideration.

WildBlue takes advantage of the latest technology

Technically speaking WildBlue satellite internet has taken advantage of the latest technological advances in the satellite internet arena. Along with the Dish size, shape and weight, they have also decided to use ka band vs. ku band. The biggest advantage to Ka-band is there is just more frequency available. The Ka-band space has about twice the allocation and bandwidth as Ku-band.

More like a cable modem

Another promising feature of Wild Blue Plan is using Modems, which are of DOCSIS 1.1 Standard Based. This same standard is in use for Cable Modems. Our competitors use the DVB-S format, which is not as robust. Adapting Modems that are DOCSIS 1.1 Standard Based, WildBlue is able to provide Quality Service and utilize bandwidth more efficiently. It allows WildBlue to see / evaluate traffic and flow towards better Service and Support.

Wild Blue is a solid name and a solid service

DirecWay recently changed its name to HughesNet, but as far as can be determined that was the only change. You may draw your own conclusions in regards to this change. And don't let the "new kid on the block" scare you away. Based on to date surveys, Wild Blue satellite service has scored higher on the customer-satisfaction level than any other Satellite Broadband provider.

Just ask our Wild Blue customers

Once the rollout of WildBlue satellite internet was well underway, they commissioned an independent group to poll customers regarding their satisfaction with the product. It came back with a whopping 94% satisfaction rating. To date this has been unheard of in the satellite internet providers business circles.

Recently, an online Broadband Tracking Company gave Wild Blue the highest rating ever given to a Satellite Broadband provider. The reviews are on a scale of good, bad and uglyand based entirely on user feedback. Some of the comments from customers included "Good Value", "Compared to Dialup, Wild Blue rocks", " Best Value in Satellite Internet and "Right on speeds, great price".

Wild Blue Internet Satellite, is clearly the best choice

If you are reading this article, most likely you do not have access to Cable modem or DSL. You want...

  • Reliable service.
  • Consistent speed - upstream and downstream.
  • A reasonable price with quality service
  • Technical support that resides in the United States. Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service is your best high speed internet choice.

The WildBlue Satellite Price

WildBlue is the new kid on the block and the least expensive. As per the Wild Blue plan, it will cost you less money per month and less money up front for equipment and installation. Total cost for the first year of the basic Wild Blue Service is near 70% that of the total cost of similar digital satellite internet providers like DirecWay / HughesNet. Furthermore, WildBlue's maintenance costs after the initial year are about 15% less than DirecWay/HughesNet.