WildBlue Satellite Internet Service

Planning to Buy a Broadband Connection? Must consider WildBlue Satellite Service...

Are you living in a rural area and craving for fast, reliable, high-speed Internet access? Wild Blue Internet Satellite is what you need.

Satellite Internet service typically uses a satellite dish to provide dedicated high-speed, always-on Internet connection. In many rural areas where DSL (direct subscriber line) or cable Internet services is not available, internet access via satellite has gained increasing popularity over time. Wild Blue satellite internet service, provides a 2-way Internet broadband connection to virtually across the entire continent of U.S. It had received interest from businesses and people that cannot subscribe to traditional broadband connections such as DSL.

Satellite Internet service can be classified into mainly 3 broad categories:

  • One-way multicast
  • One-way with terrestrial return
  • Two-way satellite access

The benefit of using a 2-way satellite internet service, is that the speed increases exponentially which saves you a lot time and energy. You enjoy consistent and faster upstream and downstream. Among majority of satellite internet access providers, WildBlue stands out to be one of the most prominent and reliable satellite internet company Wild Blue satellite system provides 2–way high speed internet service, connecting your homes and offices to incredibly fast Internet access. WildBlue internet plan offers download speeds up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds up to 256 Kbps.

The biggest advantage with satellite communication is its unique ability to deliver bandwidth exactly where and when it is required, regardless of geography and local infrastructure. If you can clearly view the southern sky, you can use a satellite Internet service to surf the Web, download files, or get streaming media. It is important to understand that satellite Internet is not as cheap or simple to install as cable modems or DSL. However, it works as the best and the only option in areas, which are not served by them. Nonetheless, WildBlue satellite system provides a user experience similar to most DSL and cable modem services. Using the latest technology, in terms of Dish size, shape and weight, WildBlue satellite service makes use of ka band instead of ku band. Reason being, Ka-band allows twice the allocation space and bandwidth than Ku-band. This further translates to providing Internet access at much higher speeds than regular dial up.

Satellite Internet service is comparatively more expensive than DSL or Cable internet service, averaging around $100 per month with installation fees upto $400. However, WildBlue business service plan starts at the lowest possible cost of $49.95 per month. The total cost for the first year of the basic WildBlue satellite service is nearly 70% of the total cost of similar satellite internet company like DirecWay / HughesNet. Using the latest microwave receive and transmit technologies, WildBlue offers a small, efficient minidish (28" x 26"), which can be mounted on a roof, wall or a pole, fixed in the ground. In terms of affordability, quality of speed and service, WildBlue sales package is definitely the best option as of today.

Satellite Internet access is the only viable option for people residing in rural areas, and mostly on the suburbs of large cities. This is no doubt, a faster option than dial up, but may be dependent upon weather conditions. However, most consumers only face problems during major storms. The level /quality of service being offered by different satellite internet companies basically depends upon the kind of equipment being chosen or used. With WildBlue satellite service, you can overlook this hassle of choosing equipment, as the Dish, Modem and every other aspect of installation remains the same, irrespective of the WildBlue plan you subscribe to.