Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service

Welcome to the world of High-Speed broadband communication

WildBlue Satellite Internet Service… Ever since the inception of satellite internet broadband communication, several market players have been continually working towards making this extra-terrestrial satellite internet system, even more high speed satellite internet compatible and performance-oriented.

Amidst this sea of high speed internet service providers, surfaced Wild Blue satellite service, to provide an always-on broadband satellite internet connection. Offering access to blazing fast speeds, Wild Blue's high speed satellite internet service provides high speed data in both upstream and downstream directions. Using WildBlue's two-way satellite internet connection, does not require a phone or cable line to receive broadband satellite internet access.

WildBlue's high speed satellite internet service uses Ka-band 31 spot beam technology, providing low-cost wireless broadband satellite service to customers that are out of range of terrestrial broadband connectivity such as DSL and Cable. Wild Blue satellite internet shares the Ka-band spot beam capacity over United States on Telesat Canada Anik F2 satellite. Anik F2 is one of the largest commercial satellites ever built. However, due to the ever-growing demand for high speed satellite internet access, Wild Blue satellite internet service, felt the need to provide more capacity by launching a satellite of it's own.

On March 28, 2006, Wild Blue high speed satellite internet Communications announced future launching of a new Ka-band spot beam satellite, Wild Blue-1, a high-powered 4.7 metric ton satellite, that will add to broadband satellite capacity over the contiguous United States. Wild Blue-1 has been designed to accommodate a very large capacity of customers. The high speed satellite uses advanced technology, which will enable Wild Blue satellite internet to significantly augment its Ka-band spot beam platform across the U.S.

The launch of WildBlue-1,would potentially allow Wild Blue high speed satellite internet service to cater to thrice the number of its existing customers in homes and small offices. Manufactured by Space Systems/Loral, WildBlue-1 has been designated its launch by Arianespace, using its Ariane 5 vehicle from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou. Arianespace also launched Anik F2 in July of 2004.

According to Dave Leonard, Chief Executive Officer of Wild Blue, WildBlue-1will help ensure that WildBlue's high speed internet service providers will meet 100 percent of customer/s demand in the foreseeable future. WildBlue's high speed satellite internet at low-cost has earned extreme popularity nationwide, thereby, laying more emphasis on accelerating the launch of WildBlue-1later this year to meet the overwhelming response. In order to facilitate the use of the increased capacity generated by WildBlue-1, Wild Blue satellite internet has contracted with Andrew Corporation to build two new spot beam gateways to augment the existing gateways.

With the incorporation of advance technologies and low-cost structure, WildBlue's high speed satellite internet service also received Broad Band Reports (BBR) Gold Award. Introduced in February 2004, BBR Awards rate a company on good, bad and ugly performance scale. The ratings are strictly based on customer/s reviews about the company.This makes WildBlue the only broadband wireless internet provider to ever receive a Gold Award. Broadband Reports is a highly respected industry web site that devotes itself into getting the word out through it's users as to the good, bad and uglyin the world of high speed satellite internet.

In order to qualify for the Gold Award, a company must sustain an average score over 80% and also maintain a score of over 80% for the previous 5 months.  Wild Blue satellite internet service scored above an 80% satisfaction rating for over six months on BroadbandReports.com and therefore won the gold award. These are not standards that can be maintained by luck, they demand due diligence in providing above average service to WildBlue customers.

Wild Blue satellite internet has been successfully providing high speed satellite internet service via satellite to homes and small businesses in communities that are not currently being served or underserved by other high speed internet service providers. People in rural areas are finally getting satellite internet service that delivers higher speed and reliability.

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