Why Choose WildBlue Satellite Internet

Don't be without high-speed satellite internet access

Today, you have the same opportunity as millions of other people around the country. By choosing to work with an authorized Wild Blue dealer, you will finally enjoy lightening fast internet connection without dialing up or waiting. For years, some areas of the country have been left out of cutting-edge technology but with Wild Blue satellite internet access, all that has changed. Just imagine finally being able to run a successful business out of your home or simply keep in touch with family and friends! With Wild Blue satellite internet access, you can!

While DSL services are available in many areas of the country, some of the more rural areas have been left out. WildBlue internet access, which is comparable to DSL speeds, uses a 28 x 26 inch satellite mini-dish and small modem, allowing you to enjoy high speed satellite broadband internet access even if you are located in one of those remote areas. Although small, this satellite packs a punch by sending and receiving signals using the most up-to-date microwave receive and transmit technologies. Mounted to your roof, wall, or ground, this mini-dish satellite is aesthetically pleasing. Since the service is always on, you can reach a world of entertainment or information literally within seconds, whether for business or pleasure.

When you buy Satellite Internet Service from authorized WildBlue dealers, you not only receive access to broadband at 1.5 Mbps, you also enjoy a number of other features. For example, you will have your choice of different packages based on home versus office need, meaning no cookie-cutter solutions here. The goal of WildBlue Internet professionals is to ensure that every client receives the right and excellent service, regardless of where they live or work across the 48 contiguous states.
Other package solutions from WildBlue Internet Satellite Service include:

  1. Web-based email options whereby you can set upto 5 – 10 different email addresses.
  2. Web space of 10 to 20 Mb.
  3. Remote-access dial-up service, allowing you to check emails and access internet when away from the base station.
  4. The ability to maintain existing AOL accounts, and if you prefer, at high speed satellite internet access.

This kind of efficiency and convenience has left people, who have signed up for this service, raving. WildBlue Internet has literally changed the lives of many, giving them freedom from the ancient ways of running a computer.

We are confident that once you get WildBlue satellite internet connection, you will be thrilled with the quality of speed, affordability, and outstanding customer service. After all, years of research have gone into WildBlue technology to ensure customers are 100% satisfied.