The best thing is that you offer fast internet in rural area's. So far with the service I see no need for improvement. Everyone was very friendly with willingness to help.

Daisy from Ewing, VA

We have your dish on our vacation home where there is no other service, with the exception of dial up. We were pirating off of a neighbor, but that proved unreliable. We were happy when we found you. Now we have reliable service to conduct business with our customers while we are on vacation.

John from Island Falls, ME

The installers were prompt and businesslike.

Lester from Bloomfield, NM

First and most important I dont get kicked off the internet when I'm checking my e-mail, paying my bills online, now my games actully load on facebook, and my online game that I love to play loads way better. What I love the most is that when I called to see if I qualified for the internet service, I really didn't have the money to pay for the services they said it was ok we'll take it out of your account next month PLUS they didn't charge me that extra fee at the begining I forgot what it was called but this company really cares about their customers. Thank You My Bluedish is #1

Eduardo from Fort Stockton, TX

I enjoyed the caring service of the technician the most. My computer had a file missing and he expressed so much concern that I wouldn't be able to read e-mail that very night and was so helpful in suggesting help--where to go and what file I needed to connect.

Eunice from Boone, IA

I had taken off from work to be at the install location. I got there and the weather was very bad. I expected to get a call telling me the weather was too bad and we would have to reschedule (thinking I would have wasted a day off). To my surprise, slightly earlier than scheduled, up drives your technician ready to do the installation.Your technician was incredible. He did the installation in a heavy rain storm. He was neat, courteous, knowledgeable, with a great work ethic. He was somewhat wetter after the installation (I really felt for him). He is the best sales tool you could have. His name was Jason and his Tech ID 6533. I work for one of the largest Security Integrators in the country. I deal with our contractors and our own technicians and project managers. We are active in over 40 states. Jason is the kind of person we seek and they are rare finds. He represents your company at a level you can't buy. Whatever your policy is to reward and recognize exceptional work, he deserves 2.

Larry from Santa Fe, TN

I enjoy gaming and the fact that it does not tie up my phone. It is also faster than I was expecting. To this point I am extremely satisfied with it.

Debbie from Gravel Switch, KY

The guy that installed the dish was professioal, friendly and a hard worker. He did a quality job.

Michael from Hull, GA

I enjoy the fact that it is significantly faster than dial up. I really like how you handle the download threshold, ie... 30 day rolling period.

Larry from Anaconda, MT

Customer service has been very helpful.

Wayne from Kalama, WA

Glad to have internet that's not dial-up.

Skyline from Shenandoah, VA

The service has been great so far. The internet works great and I have had no outages. I live in an area where cable, phone, high speed internet access are not available. I had previously tried Hughes Net several years ago. WildBlue is definately a step above the competition.

Mary Jane from Coleman, MI

The quick response to my inquiry was great. It was awesome talking to real people IN THE UNITED STATES. So far, the quality and speed have met all my expectations.

Judy from Sheridan, WY

I love having your high speed internet service. Being where my family lives it is extremely hard to get a high speed internet connection and I believe I searched every high speed internet provider out there that I could find and none of them were available in our area except for one other provider and their monthly price was too high. I highly recommend Wild Blue high speed internet service especially if you live in a rural area.

April from Charles City, VA

I had verizon wireless broadband before I changed to WildBlue. WildBlue is much faster and way better coverage area, I live out in the country. I have only had WildBlue for less than a month and so far I am very pleased with it.

Cheryl from Chehalis, WA

Everyone that I've had contact with is very helpful. This is so much faster than dial-up. Compared to the cost of other internet providers and their packages, yours is the best out there. I'm very happy with your company and the way you do bussiness.

Teresa from Sherwood, MI

I enjoy having high speed internet while living out from the city.

Lee from Bentonia, MS

The speed is great especially compared to dial up.

John from Crosswell, MI

The man who set up the dish at my home was a wonderfull man he worked fast and was pleasent conversation. I also like the price, all other providers I found where much more expensive. Thank you.

Dawn from Glendo, WY

Service rep was very friendly.

Cathy from Huntsville, TX

The speed .... We love it.

Marie from Poteet, TX

I like the competitive pricing and packaging the best.

Paul from White, SD

I like that it is fast when logging on, there is no waiting. Any questions I have had were answered fast and with knowledge of Wildblue service. So far I am quite pleased with the service.

Sheila from Elk, WA

I enjoyed meeting our technical guy who came out and installed everything. He was very professional.

Janet from Hector, AR

The installer was excellent.

Rock from Hemet, CA

Personnel are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.

Addi from Vail, AZ

Service is wonderful, couldn't be happier!

Kaylie from Sigurd, UT

I can actually have internet that is faster than dial up.

Laura from Boston, GA

It's satellite and when you don't want or need a home phone that's great to have! And the service is amazing! The people that I have talked to are beyond nice and understanding. Very down to earth and personable.

Mitchell from Benjamin, TX

The service is great. I will take that over dial up any day.

Alison from Kremmling, CO

I have been able to download what I need for my classes and look up anything for them as well. I don't have to worry about the internet being slow and I really like that.

Tina from Weatherford, TX

It's better than dialup, as it is much faster, and it is nice to have wireless capability.

Ranee from Lohrville, IA

When I called to purchase service, your customer service woman did NOT try to strong-arm me into purchasing any more than she felt I needed. It was wonderful to have no pressure! When the first installer arrived and refused to install (the ground was too cold for him to dig for a pole mount), the customer service person my husband spoke with was more than gracious and, among other things, selected the installer to come the second time. That installer was as wonderful as the people in your company!

Bill from Lafayette, IN

Service is great! The installation guy was FABULOUS.

Debby from Jessieville, AR

I was astonished by the fact that I simply plugged in my laptop to my ethernet cable and got right on the internet. It has worked great ever since and I have not experienced any problems whatsoever.

Jim from Quitman, TX

It is just a blessing compared to dial-up.

Susan from Montello, WI

Everything has been excellent. Once we got on line I found that I really could not tell any difference from WildBlue and our DSL line at our home, 100 miles away.

Patty from Pecos, NM

What a relief to be able to go online without waiting five mintues for a page to load.

Jill from Bloomington, IN

After being on dial-up for more than a decade, doing laundry and other housework while waiting for a page to download it is a supreme pleasure to be able to conduct my business on the net, get updates and surf in a fraction of the time. I love my blue dish. So far service is flawless and everyone has been wonderful.

Sheryl from Sedgwick, KS

I'm happy with the service overall.

Jeff from Bella Vista, AR

The sales rep was great!!

Crystal from Saint Peter, MN

Internet speed is great.

Mary from Ferris, TX

I like the speed of the internet, friendly sales people and the installer was very professional.

Tina from Dinuba, CA

I like the speed of the internet, friendly sales people and the installer was very professional.

Tina from Dinuba, CA

I actually got service on a Tuesday and was not due for set up untill the following Friday, but the installer was in the area and called to see if i wanted things hooked up early. It was a great suprise and wonderfull bonus.

Jeanette from Glen, WV

Good tech support.

Ted from Savona, NY

User friendly good technical support.

Stephen from Gallion, AL

Like that it's available where nothing else is.

Faylnn from Brainerd, MN

I like having some service in the remote area I live in.

Rodney from Worley, ID

Great techs, great phone contacts and communication.

LeeAnne from Goshen, KY

Quick and easy. One phone call and in a few days you are up and running.

Ken from McKittrick, CA

The technician was efficient, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly- I could not ask for better service.

Jon from Lempster, NH

Very good. Far superior to land phone line which I have now canceled along with AOL, so not that much more expensive for such superior speed.

Larry from Oregon City, OR

The installation was a breeze. The installer was friendly, helpful and knew what he was doing. Was in and out in no time at all.

Jodi from Marion, KS

Service is great, installer was professional and I appreciate the follow up visit to make sure things were installed correctly and that service was working properly.

Nancy from Valley, WA

Techs are great and installation was good.

Adria from Winn, ME

The best install I have ever had. Very professional and cleaned up after themselves.

William from Newberry Springs, CA

It's nice to be able to have internet when no other options are present.

Tim from Commerce City, CO

I enjoy the speed over dial-up.

Nola from Keystone Heights, FL

Friendly service from sales representative, very knowledgeable.

Anita from Jerome, ID

Service is great, installer was professional and I appreciate the follow up visit to make sure things were installed correctly and that service was working properly.

Nancy from Valley, WA

The gentleman that I talked with on-line was great, answered my questions thoroughly and promptly. The gentleman that set up the system couldn't have been better and he had to really work to get the cable in the correct place as I have an older unique home and things aren't always what they appear to be!

Deanne from Springfield, OR

Overall easy process from ordering to installation.

Jim from Johnstown, PA

It works in the rural area that I live in.

Nicole from Angora, MN

The speed of downloads and uploads is good. The technician was very knowledgable and was able to explain many things.

Mary from Erin, NY

Great service!

James from Bristol, CT

I love the speed. After having dial up for 10 years this is wonderful.

Evalene from Tyler, TX

I love the speed. After having dial up for 10 years this is wonderful.

Evalene from Tyler, TX

I really enjoy the fact that the Fair Access Policy is on a 30 day rolling period rather than a daily period. It makes downloading large files for my online classes much easier.

Matthew from Shelton, WA

I like getting the internet, as I need it for online classes. It works better than dial-up.

Mike from Strawberry Point, IA

I enjoy the faster internet compared to dial-up.

Lynn from Meridian, MS

Friendly service from sales representative, very knowledgeable.

Anita from Jerome, ID

I love that the service is always on and works really well

Regina from Vinita, OK

The service folks are great.

Kathy from Turner, OR

The customer reps have been very friendly and informative. Setup and install went very smooth. I really like the bandwidth monitor and email previews.

Donald from Gloucester, VA

I enjoy the fact that I am connected without waiting forever for down and uploads of pics and info. Now I can stay in touch with my grand kids daily as I need to. Thanks and I enjoy firefox more than internet explorer. Wish I'd have made the switch years ago!

R.A. from Hardinsburg, IN

It is much better than dial up. The installers were very polite and courteous with the installment.

William from South Egremont, MA

I have called MyBlueDish twice for assistance. The customer service has been outstanding. Very satisfied. I have already recommended to a friend who installed it last week.

Anne from Marshall, MI

The sales person was friendly.

Walter from Beebe, AR

Customer service reps are great!

Susan from Banning, CA

Set up was fast. Technician and initial call person were informative.

Leanne from Carthage, NC

WildBlue is much faster than my previous dial-up service.

Oren from Berryton, KS

I like not having to worry about lack of service if power goes out or having slow uploading because of old dial up.

Deby from Boone, CO

I have switched from a wireless system and I find it more stable and consistent overall. I don't fear everyday that I am going to receive a bill that is 4 or 5 times larger than I thought because of an unusual download or on line class and research.

Sharon from Gloucester, VA

The sales rep was very friendly and helpful. The installer was exceptional in his handiwork and attitude.

Chris from Grapwview, WA

I enjoy the fastness of the service and how the items I want come up fast like it suppose to.

Loxsenia from Varnville, SC

I enjoy not having my phone line tied up while on the internet.

Vanita from Lindsay, OK

The people were outstanding. Most importantly everything they promised they delivered on, unlike my previous company. The tech was great and actually called the help line and they reconfigured my computer to help it run better at no charge. To date I am quite pleased with the product and service. Another HUGE item to me is the fact that when I have called, be it for setup, questions, or service, I actually get to talk to a human. I was even more overjoyed when they actually spoke English. What a refreshing idea, having your people speak the language of your customers. Thank you.

Robert from Jefferson City, MT

It's better than dial-up and I enjoy the service very greatly.

Everett from Westover, MD

What I enjoy the most is the overall speed. It is such an improvement over dial-up which I have had for about 10 years.

Alvin from Dawson, TX

I like not having to worry about lack of service if power goes out or having slow uploading because of old dial up.

Deby from Boone, CO

I enjoy having high speed out in rural area.

Dave from Mount Vernon, MO

This service is fast and dependable, it makes living in a remote area more convenient. My previous service took forever and I dreaded using my computer. And the price is definitely reasonable.

Joan from La Mesa, NM

It works!! Each and every time I log on without fail. I have had no issues since it has been installed and I like the idea that I won't ever have any overages.

Kimberlee from Gilroy, CA

I enjoy the faster internet speed.

Bruce from Florissant, CO

My whole experience with Wild Blue was great from the start.

Troy from Deerwood, MN

My dial up system was locking up my phones & laptop often, so it is nice to be free from the phone line. So far, I have not experienced any problems with the service. A representative came by to audit the system to be sure all was done correctly. To me, that represented great service after the job was done. Thanx!

Cheryl from Peyton, CO

I enjoy a faster speed than dial up

Cathy from Farwell, MI

I like the Wildblue home page and how you can set it up how you want it to be.

Amy from Victoria, TX

Our expericence has been good. It is much improved over the dial up we had.

Randall from Rougemont, NC

I love the speed as compared to dialup

Nancy from Graysville, TN

So far, the service has been exactly what I expected. My wife and I NEED the internet for work and for school. WildBlue came right on time and the service has been exactly as promised. The technician was great, and I'm overall extremely pleased. I'm 100% happy with the service I've received thus far. Thanks!

Nathan from Bloomington, IN

The techs that came out for install were FANTASTIC , very informative and well trained. Had the job done in no time cleaned up after and polite. They were the BEST techs I have ever had come to the house. Both men were great I could not be happier.

Mark from Dale, TX

I enjoy having service in a rural area

Gary from Elk River, MN

Living on an island off the coast of Maine has it's benifits, the internet NOT being one of them. After having dial up internet for years, (which we compared to smoke signals), it is a treat to be able to work from home, read my e-mail and carry on business as "normal" people do!! Thank you very much WildBlue.

Bill from Deer Isle, ME

Love everything about the system; no problems at all.

Mike from Shorter, AL

The speed is excellent.

Dave from Boone, IA

I like the ability to send/receive a fax while being on the internet and the ability of having more than one person on the internet at one time.

Barb from Newaygo, MI

It is faster and simple to use.

Narcie from Mayflower, AR

Enjoy the speed of down loads and getting on line.

Ronald from Shoals, IN

Very professional and helpful.

Yolanda from Joshua Tree, CA

It is fast and easy to use.

Dewayne from Ashdown, AR

Much faster speeds than dial up. Good experience so far.

Howard from Amherst, VA

I love the fast downloading.

Kitty from Mt Shasta, CA

The whole experience was perfect. Thank you. The install was well thought out by the technician, and executed swiftly. He was respectful and considerate in explaining everything.

Tamara from Indianola, IA

I enjoy the speed while surfing.

Tammy from Greensburg, LA

Compared to dialup, it was a godsend.

Robert from Deerfield, KS

The experienced technician was extremely knowledgeable.

Diedre from Arcadia, OK

It is great and it is the best

Jeff from Ione, OR

Good bye, dial-up...hello, Wildblue!

Sarah from Leupp, AZ

It works fast.

Jeff from Weatherford, TX

I am very pleased with your service. I enjoy all aspects of having an isp with good speeds and availability. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Teresa from Gainesville, TX

I am very satisfied with my service. Also, the technician (a young man named Trevor with Direct TV) was an excellent worker, very personable, and very helpful. I highly recommend him.

Joan from Norman, OK

Everything was just great-treated very good-excellent service and help.

Louis from Larimore, ND

I enjoyed the quick action and response from the moment I contacted the sales rep via chat, in addition to the personalized service.

Susan from West Palm Beach, FL

So much faster than dial-up and good reception.

Christi from Kemp, TX

So far I have received a good connection from the dish. The technician that performed the installation was really professional.

Mickey from Cairo, GA

WildBlue's staff is very courteous and expedient in services requested by me, they even sent a field supervisor out after the installation to ensure the job was done properly to ensure Wild Blue standards are met in which he did find 2 small issues that are to be corrected in the near future due to Florida's potential hurricane seasons, that no vibrations would cause dish misalignment. I am very impressed with that because not many companies in today’s market do that (only interested in the sales). I believe that this company is sincere about customer satisfaction.
I am in an area where only dial-up is available and as technology increases, the dial-up is almost useless. Today we are all looking hard for the best bargains we can find in the current economy conditions as well as the products performances. So far...2 thumbs up are given!!!

Dana from Hawthorne, FL

I enjoy the greater speed over my old dial-up service. Although I do not leave the connection on all the time the option to do so comes in handy. As of now, I do not see any area where improvement can be made.

Asa from Herald, CA

Enjoy having more speed than dial up as well as not tying up my home telephone line.

Catherine from Esko, MN

It is great not having to wait long periods of time to do a change or check on billings etc.

Janice from Gustine, TX

Better than dial up and the tech who installed the service was wonderful.

James from Valley Spings, CA

The service is better than I hoped, I should have called sooner!

Karen from Penrose, CO

I enjoy that I am able to have high speed internet where dsl and cable internet is not available

Jennifer from Pole CIty, FL

I love the internet service I'm receiving from your dish. It's fast and so far very reliable.

Wayman from Payson, AZ

I am very pleased that Wild Blue offers WIFI in this remote area, otherwise we would be up a gum tree!

Rowena from Bondurant, WY

From looking at prices associated with Hughes in the past, this service was much more affordable...FINALLY a high speed connection in my rural area. Customer service and technical support have been very patient, kind, and helpful. They also have great attitudes!!!

Paulette from Sylacauga, AL

I got a new laptop and the service is great, for being of the grid, and in the woods. Thanks

George from Denmark, ME

Your service tech was the most efficient, competent and professional that we have ever had from any type of provider. If all techs are half as good as ours was, your company will not lose any customers or potential customers.

Dan from Pierre, SD

I had the service once before and that time our service was very poor. We were bumped from the Internet constantly and lost our connection completely many times a week. I canceled because WildBlue wanted 250 dollars to come and "fine tune" my reception. I have a job I could do at home with high speed Internet and Satellite is all that is available for me so I thought I would try again. The gentleman that installed our dish stated our previous install was extremely loose and that is probably why it did not give us good service before and that we should have a good strong signal now and THAT IS TRUE. We are very pleased with our service. We have not been bounced off or lost service one time. They [the technician] came earlier than expected and the gentlemen was very knowledgeable [He] answered all my questions and did a very nice job with the wires etc. I do like the fact that I can get help anytime I need it just a phone call away and they are always very helpful, friendly and willing to explain things clearly.


I am enjoying WildBlue very much. It is the best internet service I have had.


Thank you for your time in assisting us with a service we have been searching for going on 4 years!:) We Love You Man!!!!!!


Oh my gosh WildBlue has been so great. We had HughesNet before and it was awful- constantly kicking us off. Our internet now is so much better than what we had before.


Since I had dial-up this is an improvement. I am pleased with My Blue Dish.


I just wanted to drop you guys a note and say thank you for getting WildBlue installed for our business here in southern CA. We were just outside DSL coverage and dial-up was just not cutting it. The past few weeks have been a breeze with your new system and everything is running great! If you need a recommendation, let me know.

Shaun P.

Thanks Wild Blue satellite! I live in the sticks and when I started my new Ebay business I couldn’t ever make bids in time with dail-up. I’m now churning and turning a profit faster thanks to your satellite internet service. God Bless.


Do I get a referral for selling for you guys? I’ve had my system for 2 months and service has been awesome. The only time I lost service was during a bad thunderstorm, and that was only for a few minutes!! My neighbors now want to get your service so I think I might have a few new customers for you all. Even If I can’t make anything off of them, I’m still completely satisfied with my service and will be sending the other folks your way.

Dan & Melinda Hart

Well, I got the system installed, it went without a hitch, real smooth, only a couple of hours, had a guy by the name of Jason, I think it was the one you mentioned, Lives south of Sacramento, works mostly out of Oakdale.  Did a great job, very knowledgeable, had it set up in no time. and it works smoothly.  Thanks for the support and good customer service. If I can make any comments let me know I would like to give you , and the installer a good word.  I'll also have another job for you, I believe their is a referral program, Jason mentioned that.  let me know the details and I'll refer you another customer.

Again thanks for the great job.

After living in town with fast Internet, moving out of town just a few miles meant that satellite was our only option. But at least WildBlue gave us a better choice than DirecWay. Not only is WildBlue pricing better, but there are more choices in speed and service. WildBlue installation was super - our installer did a great job and came up with a better solution than we expected. I was really surprised when I ran the speed tests - the WildBlue service has been as fast as the DSL service we left behind in town! Now we can work from home in the country just as well as we did in town - and enjoy life a whole lot more!

Thank you, WildBlue!
Rick Sauerwein

I was a Starband customer for over 4 years before switching to WildBlue.  Many outages (including what they called micro outages), constant need for software upgrades and almost non-existent tech support caused me to switch.

WildBlue has been operating for a month and a half with only one outage.  Tech support was on the line with only a few seconds of hold time and was aware of the problem.  Indicating that the problem would be solved within 30 minutes and it was.

Speeds have been consistent at 1.5 meg down and .5 meg throughout the subscription time.  No PC software to maintain. 

My, what a difference. I wholeheartedly recommend WildBlue.
Neil Coy

I have had WildBlue satellite for about 3 weeks now and the service has been flawless. Uploading and downloading pictures and files have been much faster than my dial up connection.


I switched to Wild Blue from Direcway. The service is much more reliable with consistent download speeds, and other than when my entire roof and dish was covered with a foot of snow, I have had no interruptions in service.

I was very impressed that during the installation the salesperson got on the phone and made sure that the process was done according to Wild Blue standards. When my Direcway dish was installed it was done improperly and never corrected. There was an issue that came up over the pricing package and that was corrected within two hours.

I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend it to anyone in a rural area looking for high speed internet access.

Rural Shasta County, California