Wild Blue Satellite Broadband Internet Access

Wildblue high speed satellite internet service access Part 1

The evolution and adaptation of Internet has allowed us to connect with the world at anytime and anywhere. Driven by on-demand information and instant resolutions, Internet has become an integral part of our modern lives. Consequently, the increasing demand for high-speed satellite internet access has rolled out many bandwidth-hungry services, applications and devices.

But, what if you are dwelling among one of the rural and remote communities denied cable or DSL broadband access? Fortunately, there is a solution for many of these remote residents, high speed internet satellite access service with Wildblue.

The Wild Blue satellite internet connection is an arrangement in which the upstream (outgoing) and downstream (incoming) data is sent from, and arrive at, your computer via satellite. The system components include a satellite dish antenna and a transceiver (transmitter/receiver) that operates in the microwave portion of the radio spectrum. Satellite dish (usually two-foot by three-foot) accesses information from the other satellites encircling the earth in outer space. With this satellite feed, you get one of the quickest internet systems in the world.

Years ago, internet connections were limited to dial-up access, suffocating your home telephone lines, with uploads or downloads occurring at snail's pace. Today, the arrival of satellite broadband internet connection has facilitated internet access at what seems like a breakneck speed.

Satellite over internet has allowed people the freedom of accessing internet while being on very rural areas. This direct connection via satellite offers unprecedented speed and smooth usability, no matter where you are. Some of the major benefits of internet via satellite have been discussed as follows:

Wild Blue Satellite Internet Access Benefits

  1. The main benefit of a Wild Blue high speed satellite internet connection is its extremely fast speed as compared to dial up. Uplink speeds are nominally 50 to 150 Kbps for a subscriber using a single computer. The downlink occurs at high speeds ranging from 512 Kbps to more than 1.5 Mbps. The speed depends on factors such as satellite internet traffic, the capacity of the server, and the size of downloaded files.
  2. Satellite broadband services do not use telephone lines. Instead, it uses a satellite dish for a two-way upload and download data interaction, which allows unlimited and ongoing internet access.
  3. Wild Blue satellite internet access providers offer broadband connections to many rural or remote areas, which lie beyond the proximity shaof DSL, cable or other wireless connections.
  4. Majority of people have their satellite internet connections installed at home, mounting the dish to their roofs or poles. However, satellite broadband services have proved most convenient to versatile businesses that are on the move. The dish can be dismantled from the office and transported to a new location with relative ease.
  5. High speed satellite internet access is also very handy for temporary applications, such as promotional events where internet connectivity is required in an outdoor location besides the main business premises.
  6. The convenience of the satellite internet connection offers aberrant flexibilityfor business owners to operate from a location in a very short span of time.
  7. Internet satellite system can be installed even in the absence of most basic utilities. All you need is a generator or battery power supply that can produce enough electricity to run a desktop computer system.

Satellite broadband Internet services to individual consumers and small businesses are projected to be the fastest growing segment of the broadband satellite market, with North America generating more than 80 percent of global subscribers in the coming five years. Among major market players such as StarBand and DirecWay, Wild Blue Satellite Internet providers have gained increasing popularity and demand across 48 states of the US continent.

Operating on a 2-way Internet network, Wild Blue offers always-on satellite internet access with blazing fast speeds. The services are not just limited to the earth. WildBlue recently helped an exploratory team from Hanksville visit Mars.

Geologists, Computer Scientists, Robotics Engineers and trained communications experts traveled to Hanksville, Utah in early April 2006. The goal was to develop a futuristic computer system that would support the human exploration of Mars. During this exercise, AustroMars, located in Saltsburg, Austria, had a team of 30 specialists to manage Mission Control.

There was a land rover in Hanksville that AustroMars wanted to control via wireless remote control from Mission Control in Austria. AustroMars contacted Farmers Telephone Company in Colorado, to install a WildBlue satellite system in support of the two-week project in Hanksville. This allowed AustroMars to tap into a workstation in Hanksville and maneuvering the rover via Austrian Mission Control in Saltsburg.

The events that chanced in those early weeks of April of 2006, proved extremely useful in formulating a plan to one-day trip to Mars. WildBlue Satellite Broadband Services has contributed for a mission to the red planet.

If you are considering a flexible application for your home or office, Wild Blue's high-speed satellite internet connection is an excellent and affordable option. Starting at a minimum service fee of $49.50 per month, you can explore a world of information within seconds. Comparatively cheap, yet high-end solutions empower you to surf the web, upload files, or perform any other business function at rocking speeds. Connect Now!