Farming with WildBlue Satellite Internet

Farming is BIG business. The challenge is that small, rural farmers have trouble keeping up with the big coop. One of the problems is that many rural farmers do not have the same communication or information options as the larger companies. For a farmer to stay competitive, he needs to understand market prices, growing trends, product information, potential crop problems, and he must be able to reach his buyers. Unless the farmer has a way to communicate and receive information fast, he misses great opportunities. The best way to connect to the outside world and stay on top of competitors is via computer and internet. However, because rural service is virtually non-existent, this has made farming difficult.

Today, farmers across the 48 contiguous states who have rural locations are being offered the tool needed to be effective and successful. Wild Blue Satellite Internet is a cutting-edge technology solution making a huge difference for thousands of rural farmers. The bottom line is that during the past few decades, rural areas have missed the same benefits of high-speed access over other areas. In fact, studies show that as much as 95% of small towns are still without high-speed connection to the internet. For the farmer, this puts them at a HUGE disadvantage.

Making matters worse, of the 5% of rural towns that do have high-speed access, the cost of connecting to the internet is seven times greater! Try being a hard-working farmer and being faced with challenges such as those. WildBlue satellite internet has come up with a fantastic solution for situations just like these. Farmers in rural areas can connect to the internet via satellite and at a very affordable price.

For the rural farmer, this means not only accessibility but also the potential to compete. Farming businesses now have the opportunity to simplify business practices while improving communication. With WildBlue, the opportunity however goes well beyond simple internet access. WildBlue offers an entire technological infrastructure to include email, web space, fast upload, and download, virus scanning, excellent 24x7, customer support, and more. In other words, rural farmers can connect anywhere they need to go while also having the tool needed to run a successful business.

If you farm and are tired of fighting your way to the top all because of lack of communication and information, WildBlue can play the pivotal role in your stability and growth. The truth is that WildBlue has enabled farmers around the country to turn ordinary business into something phenomenal. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture now estimates that 30% of all farmers in the United States are connected to the World Wide Web. With this, they have access to communities, new markets, and valuable information pertaining to weather forecasts and commodities prices.

By choosing WildBlue for your internet access, you will have the ability to join with other marketplaces and farmers to negotiate lower prices associated with supplies. With WildBlue, you are no longer a lone farmer, isolated from the very things you need to survive and thrive. WildBlue will enable to you share ideas with other farmers and growers across the country. Just imagine having a great idea or need information and finding a forum of other rural farmers just like you where this kind of connection can be made. It is now possible and again, it is affordable.

Okay, so how does WildBlue work? We to drive your farming business to new heights? WildBlue has not one but five gateways that are situated around the United States and into Canada. These gateways connect the WildBlue satellite access network with the internet. Each of these gateways is comprised of internet, microwave, and various other forms of broadband equipment to efficiently and quickly route traffic from the user’s computer to the internet and then back, all with state-of-the-art fiber backbone. This fiber backbone means reliability, security, and affordability.

In technical terms, WildBlue can help the rural farmer using a Ka-band communications system on a Telesat Anik F2 satellite. This system covers the 48 contiguous states with 31 spot beams. Keep in mind that this satellite is not just any satellite but one built by Boeing and launched by Arianespace. So massive, this satellite resides in a geostationary orbit 22,500 miles above the equator. To farmers just like you, WildBlue satellite internet means the highest quality service possible.