Satellite Internet Fair Access Policy: Explained & Explored

Our goal is to give each of our customers the fastest service at the lowest price. To ensure that all ViaSat customers have equitable access to the network and that heavy usage by a small number of customers does not negatively impact the network performance for all customers, the ViaSat service utilizes a data allowance Policy (the “Policy”). This policy explains what happens when you use the maximum amount of data included in your plan. ViaSat Internet access is not guaranteed and is subject to this Policy.

We have several Exede Broadband plans available, each of which has a different monthly data allowance. We measure your data usage on a monthly basis and reset it to zero on the same day each month. Starting on the first day of your monthly measurement period, all uploaded and downloaded data transmitted using your ViaSat account counts toward your data allowance.

If your data usage reaches 100% or more of your monthly data allowance, we will alert you of this fact. If at any time your data usage exceeds the data allowance, ViaSat may severely slow, restrict, and/or suspend your service, or certain uses of your service, until the end of your monthly measurement period. ViaSat may offer you the option of purchasing additional increments of data to use during the remainder of your measurement period. At the end of each monthly measurement period, your data usage resets to zero. Any unused data or additional purchased increments of data do not carry over to the next month.

This Policy contains important information about your use of the ViaSat service and your relationship with ViaSat. If you do not agree with this Policy, you are not permitted to use the ViaSat service and must terminate your account immediately, subject to the terms of your Customer Agreement.

WildBlue uses a somewhat different method. They "give" the customer a specific number of Gigabytes that can be downloaded and uploaded in any given rolling 30 day period. As an example, the Pro-pak user is given a 17Gig, or 17,000MB download limit and a 5Gig, or 5,000MB upload limit. If the customer exceeds that limit they will be fapped. They will be throttled down to much slower speeds until they reach 80% of their rolling 30 day limit. A rolling 30 day limit differs from a 30 day limit by continuously rolling a day forward as the next day begins. A monthly limit was used for several months however some users would see that they had perhaps 8Gig of download bandwidth that they had not used on the 29 th day. At that time these users would download everything and anything in order to "get their moneys worth" and use all of their allotted bandwidth. This created overuse of the system and causing slowdowns near the end of each month. By using a rolling Fap, if you use a large chunk of your bandwidth on a given day and go over the limit set by your plan, you would have to wait until that day rolled out of the rolling 30 days. This has effectively stopped this type of use.

This Policy may be revised from time to time upon notice by posting a new version of this document to the website or any successor URL(s). All revised copies of the Policy are effective immediately upon posting.