Exede Satellite Internet Changes The Broadband Industry?

News is sweeping the world really fast about ViaSat’s newest service, which is apparently branded as Exede Satellite Internet Service. Technically it hasn’t launched yet, but it has been announced, and is thought by many to change the broadband landscape. Satellite broadband connections in the past have primarily been targeted towards rural areas, but it is entirely possible that this new offering could move beyond even rural areas and compete with the same market that DSL or even Cable Internet targets. At any rate this service is expected to move rural customers past the point of just being able to get something faster than dial up, to really being able to get a premium high-speed internet service. In the past people using a satellite based internet connection have been limited to a certain extent on the things they have been able to do through their connection. For example, following are some things that have been limited on previous satellite networks that this new Exede service is going to be much better at.

  • - VoIP (significantly better)
  • - Download Speed (significantly better)
  • - Upload Speed (significantly better)
  • - Latency (slightly better)

VoIP is rumored to be one of the primary technologies that the new service is going to focus on. Compared to how satellite connections have fared in this technology in the past; if it is able to provide this capability at all to customers it will be a huge step forward. Download speed and upload speed improvements are probably implied as this was a major reason for ViaSat wanting to launch a new satellite, along with being accessible to more customers throughout the United States. Although, latency should be slightly better, the fact is that this is just a difficult area for satellite based services to excel at simply because of the distance between the connecting devices.

So, the big question is what is the new service offering going to be? Apparently, for most of the US there are going to be download speeds of up to 12mbps and upload speeds of up to 3mbps. This looks as if it is going to be the same speed regardless of how much people pay. The differences in packages and pricing seem to be in the amount of data that can be downloaded. For $49.99 7.5 GB of data will be available for download/upload. $79.99 will allow 15 GB of data. Lastly, $129.99 will provide for 25 GB of data. Everything considered ViaSat’s newest service seems to be a very promising offering.

Exede Internet Service Stacks Up To The Competition - And Then Some.

Exede Internet Service announced by ViaSat earlier this week seems to have entered the market with a vengeance. It literally claims the spot as the fastest satellite internet provider available to residential customers. Although, ViaSat has been in the satellite technology industry for a long time it has only been in the actual service offering business for a few years. There should be no question that the company plans to redefine how people look at broadband. No service provider has ever been able to offer speeds over 5mbps, yet this record is blown away with the 12mbps that this new satellite technology is offering.

Just because Exede is a new brand does not mean it does not have experience. In fact, ViaSat purchased a satellite based internet company just a few years ago to give them a heads up in the industry. With this company they learned what it takes to run a successful satellite broadband service company. Compared to other companies in its industry it is known to have the best customer service with all of their call reps based in the United Sates. This new broadband offering is positioned as being the premier satellite technology in the telecommunications sector. The beauty of this new service is that the price did not increase, making it not only the fastest but also the best value rural internet.

Exede Satellite Internet is by no means slowing down either, people are already hoping that the company will launch another satellite in the upcoming years to bring even faster speeds and enable even more data to be transferred at a cheaper price. There is a very real chance that this company will surpass anything that cable or DSL could offer in the very near future.

Overview of ViaSat’s New Exede Internet Service Possibilities.

Let’s take a look at the possibilities of this new Exede Internet Service! It is already buzzing around the web about how this new satellite offering is going to change the way people in rural areas connect to the web. We have seen a similar transition in television services over the past couple of decades. When this technology first launched the equipment was very expensive, bulky, and uncommon. However it quickly became a very valid competitor to Cable. We are likely about to see the exact same thing in the internet industry. This new service really opens up a whole new world to small businesses in rural areas, private and commercial airlines, and so much more. Although large corporations with divisions located in very remote areas have obviously always been able to afford whatever connection speeds they desired, smaller businesses located in rural areas have always faced a huge obstacle in this area. Up until this point satellite internet could only provide these businesses with basic high-speed internet service. However, with ViaSat’s new Exede internet service businesses can finally get connections that should be fast enough to do whatever they need. They should now be able to very efficiently handle everything from electronic payments to VoIP internet calls, as well as much more.

This new satellite offering can also provide people that do have access to DSL and Cable services with extra options. As we all know the more competition there is on the playing field the harder the competitors have to work to stay ahead. So, if nothing else, this new provider is great to reduce the control of some of the largest US internet providers and give everyone the choice they have been wanting. One of the best things about this new provider is that they are backed by ViaSat, which is one of the largest satellite companies in the world. This should lead to confidence that this new network will be ready to handle the massive infrastructure of people that is about to come its way. Up until now some satellite companies have been blamed for overloading their networks, which in return hinders the quality of service for everyone. Hopefully we are all in store for a brave new internet world.

ViaSat’s New Internet Service – Real World Comparison.

ViaSat’s new Exede internet service is known to provide industry changing speed and performance. However, it is always nice to have some real world examples when comparing internet connection speeds. Before people living in rural areas had the ability to get a satellite based web connection it might have taken someone 10 to 30 minutes just to download one song. After satellite services were introduced people could download the exact same song in just a little over a minute. Now that Exede has been introduced it is possible to download that same song in just a few seconds. In the time that it used to take to download one song a person can now download and entire album, maybe even a couple albums.

Most people can remember when downloading a movie was something that just didn’t happen. If one was to attempt this internet feat it usually took several days. As DSL and initial satellite connection services became available this time decreased to close to only one day. Although, downloading video did start to become a more reasonable venture it was still a very frustrating process. However, DSL and Cable got faster and streaming technology was introduced, which made downloading and watching videos something that many of us do every day. However, people in rural areas were still very limited, because many people in these areas were not able to access DSL or Cable. Even when satellite internet was introduced to these areas the more expensive packages that would have been fast enough to allow video streaming was too expensive for most people.

Exede by ViaSat is changing all of this for rural America, because for the first time, speeds are finally available that can compete with almost all DSL services and even many Cable services. Most importantly, though these speeds are available at very affordable prices.

New Wireless Satellite Internet Coming To Airlines

Airlines may be making deals with ViaSat to equip their airplanes with their latest new satellite internet service. Although, many airlines have been looking at providing a wireless service for several years this is very possibly the first time budget airlines have looked at providing internet as a service. Rumor has it that JetBlue may be one of the first to offer this breakthrough new internet technology.

It has been difficult for the airline industry to offer Wi-Fi in the past because of the expensive costs of setting up a satellite signal on an airplane that would be fast enough to offer to customers. The reason for this challenge is that previous residential services based on satellite have not been over the 1.5 to 2mbps. However, this new service is offering up to 12mbps which should be more than plenty for customers to connect in flight. This will allow people traveling for business to stay in touch with clients, attend conference meetings, or just get some work done so that when they get to where they are going they can focus more on the task at hand. This new service is most likely going to completely change how people communicate while they are traveling, and allow people to be much more productive.